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The maximum amount of grant aid that can be requested or awarded is £2000.

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A place for everyone to call home
A place where everyone prospers
A place to be proud of

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Final Questions:

Billericay area
Central Basildon (Nethermayne/Fryerns)
East Basildon (Pitsea/Vange)
West Basildon
Wickford area
All of Basildon Borough

Benefits All Local People
Young People (13-19 years)
Children (0-12 years)
Older People (over 50 years of age)
Pregancy or maternity related client groups
Disabled people
Youth Offenders
Drug/alcohol users
People representing a specific sexual orientation
People representing a specific marital status
People representing a specific religion or belief
People representing a specific culture or ethnicity
People undergoing gender reassignment

Local Newspaper
Basildon, Billericay & Wickford CVS (Newsletter)
Basildon Borough Diary
Other Voluntary Group
Basildon Council Website
Leaflet, flier or poster
Other Website
Other Funder


• I confirm that the information provided is accurate and I have read, understood and accept the Grants to Organisations grant criteria conditions and guidelines.
• I am authorised to make this application on behalf of this group or organisation.
• I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct.
• If the information changes in any way, I will notify Basildon Council immediately.
• I give permission for Basildon Council to record the information in this application electronically and to contact the organisation by telephone, post or e-mail to discuss its activities or funding opportunities.
• The organisation will only use the grant for the reason given in this application. If it is used for anything else, Basildon Council may ask the group or organisation to repay it, and may want to see their accounting records. I acknowledge that the group or organisation will also have to repay any money that is unspent.
• I understand that Basildon Councils decision is final.
• I understand that we are required to supply satisfactory monitoring when requested to do so.

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