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In Remembrance ...
Remembering my Beautiful & Precious Daughter Michelle who suffered ill health most of her short life but battled on having had acute myloid leukaemia as a toddler. Unfortunately, the harsh chemo caused an enlarged heart & leaking mitral valve at 12 years old and she had a heart transplant. It was touch & go but her strength carried her through, then in her twenties her kidneys were failing & in 2006 l donated one of my kidneys to her. Again she had the strength to come through another major operation. Last October she had Pneumonia, seemed well after oxygen etc but didn't feel so well. Then in December was coughing, which continued then May this year had breathing problems and went into hospital. She wanted me to come with her but it wasn't allowed. She was treated with antibiotics for Covid-19 even though we both knew she didn't have it and ended up in ITU. Then they found she had fungal Pneumonia after 3 tests for covid returned as negative and lost her fight for life after 12 days. l couldn't be with her even though l begged & pleaded. We were always together, l will never forget the gut aching feeling of not being by her side as l always had been. Michelle l salute you - you are the bravest of warriors. Be at peace now. This was my worst nightmare not being with you, instead you had strangers around you on the day you died. Love you always my precious Girl.
Posted by Marion Biscoe